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BUDDUSO' - The town

Buddusò is placed in an area rich of woods, pastures and granite. Its ancient name “Biddisò” means sparrow.

In the centre of the town of Buddusò we can notice an architectural scheme that goes from the nuragic to the romanic civilisation: many archaeological sites are found in its territory and an important museum of modern art makes the attraction of many tourists.

Buddusò deals with many natural routes, where to find the “macchia mediterranea”, the cork woods, the lake “Coghinas”, the centre of the “Monte Acuto”, amazing part of its landscape. 

The “Corso vittorio Emanuele”, pricipal street in Buddusò, is all paved with granite. In the principal square we can discover the marble monument entitled to the soldiers who died in the 1st world war.

Its church, made in 1836 with granite stones, has been enlarged in 1943.

The whole town, very sunny with its decorated polycromatic houses, invigorated with its sane and fresh air, is the greatest one between all the other towns in the province of Sassari and the most gorgeous for its natural beauties.
Its position in the middle of the hill gives the chance to enjoy a mountain climate.

Everywhere you look arout you can appreciate the nature’s expression in its scenery: green gardens, fertile plains where you can fish along the river “Riu Mannu”, mountains rich of cork woods and macchia mediterranea, flora and fauna, “nuraghi” with their old legends. The famous local writer Enrico Costa dedicated to all that many verses which described its marvellous aspects.

All these features help to characterise this place as one of the healthiest of the region, where most population reach in health the very old age. 

Buddusò in land of noble minds, in the field of culture, religion, forensic, military. 

During the summer its climate is rarely too hot, thanks to the breeze blowing through the mountains. During the spring and the autumn the weather is mild, despite the fact that in winter it can snow a lot. 

It is one of the most favourite place for enjoying a alternative stay.

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