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Citizens 4200, altitude 690m, territorial area 176.97 km▓
The village is famous all over the world for the granite, principal source of revenue for many citizens.

The built-up area mantains many parts of the buildings of the nineteenth century, simple in their design, with decorated portals, windows, fašades, balconies in iron that typify in a strong way the urban scenary.

Between all these building there are some of the twenty-firts century, brightly painted. 
You must pay attention to the monument of the fountain dated 1894.
Along the town you can notice the granite paves, monuments and the typical ômuralesö painted in some fašade. 

The ancient name of Buddus˛ perhaps comes fromôBiddis˛ö, that means sparrow.
Its territory is characterised by important signs of human civilisations from the prehistorical to the romanic and medieval period.



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